Share Your Story

Share Your Story

The theme of our 2016 Gala is Passion As Pathway… We will be celebrating how people’s various passions provide pathways to grow, connect, and find their voice.

deborah son

My son Sam was adopted from Korea and arrived here in the US when he was about four months old. Sam was a happy, energetic child who had difficulty finding words. Then the call came from the headmaster at Sam’s preschool who told me, “I am concerned, because I don’t think Sam can learn.” Numerous visits to Boston Children’s Hospital ensued and over the years it became increasingly apparent that Sam was developmentally disabled. 

Despite that challenge, Sam passed all parts of the MCAS and received a diploma from Brookline High School at the age of 22. How? Persistence and determination. Where did that persistence and determination come from? A passion for sports. Sports always have been the great equalizer for Sam. Whether playing with disabled or typical athletes, Sam is a determined, fierce, but fair competitor. Sports taught him the value of practice, the importance of hard work, team work and persistence. That persistence and all the fantastic support Sam received from the Brookline School system made it possible for Sam to graduate. Sam was determined to receive a diploma rather than a certificate of attendance and he made it.-Deborah


lauren- Janet's daughter

Lauren’s passion is music in all its forms. It is a pathway for her to express joy, excitement, and sadness through her facial expressions and body movements. Her heightened sense of hearing, despite her inability to talk, is a true gift and helps me to realize the beauty I sometimes miss. Bach, Adele, and Jimi Hendrix are all favorites, which highlights her eclectic tastes!-Janet







Kristen Buss 2

From a very young age, Kristen loved music, but had difficulty communicating. Her passion for music motivated her to learn new signs: music, more, different, louder (her older sister thought Kristen needed to know this one!). She then began to string together her words and signs to communicate her preferences. Today, she continues to use these skills on a daily basis to engage with those around her.-Jim

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