SUPPORTbrokers of The Arc of Massachusetts Receives Grant

The Dana Home Foundation has awarded SUPPORTbrokers  a grant to fund Supporting Seniors with Autism in Lexington. Through this grant,  SUPPORTbrokers will begin a year-long pilot study looking at the lives of ten individuals with autism or similar profiles over the age of 50 living in the town of Lexington. A Person-Centered Plan will be conducted for each individual and life plans will be developed for their futures. By doing this, we will gather summary information on supports and services for elders in Lexington. This could lead to developing potential recommendations for how Lexington’s infrastructure of supports and services for elders and people with special needs might be utilized, adapted, or expanded to serve seniors with autism. Our intent is to develop a model that other towns could follow, in discovering the unmet needs of a specific population, mapping existing resources in the community and identifying barriers to services being provided.


The Dana Home Foundation is dedicated to providing the care, comfort and wellbeing of senior citizens, with a special emphasis on serving, directly or indirectly, the needs of those who reside in or have connections to the Town of Lexington.


SUPPORTbroker Pat Pakos will be coordinating this project .


“It is with extreme pleasure that we accept this grant from the Dana Home Foundation in Lexington. We look forward to a year of discovery, friendship, and collaboration as we work with individuals, families, friends, collaborators, and community organizations to enhance the lives of those we serve.” – Pat Pakos
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