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Technology can be intimidating unless you first approach it from a solution viewpoint.
You’re not alone in your search for help and we hope to be a guide for you on this journey.

Let’s begin!

  • What are your individual strengths?  What things do you want to do? What things do you need help with?
  • Where do you need assistance? Home? Work? In the Community?
  • What obstacles do certain tasks present?

Personal technology, both high tech and low-tech might provide a solution.

Our Tech Center will supply you with discovery tools and resources that will help you find the right technology to make things easier for you and your family. The information we provide on tools and resources will grow over time and never be complete, as technology is always developing and improving.



Introduction to The Arc’s Tech Center

The Arc Prepping for Assistive Technology Evaluation

Tech for More Independence at Road to Responsibility Home

Basic Apps to Get You Through Your Day: What You Already Have on Your iPhone & iPad

Welcome to the Assistive Technology Lending Library at Northeast Arc


A Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Task Force (Task Force), launched in November 2019, included representatives of the DDS, ADDP and The Arc as well as other experts, service providers, and community members, developed a report to advance the use of supportive technology among individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and autism.

The Task Force’s report, titled “Technology Forward” is posted here. Some outcomes from the collaboration included changes in the federal home and community-based waivers to allow broad reimbursement for assistive technology and remote support. In addition, the administration developed a new line item for technology for the 2021 Fiscal Year. Separately, additional recommendations from The Arc and ADDP and certain Task Force members are located here.

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USSAAC – US Society for Augmentative Alternative Communication – Amplifying AAC Voices

A good overview resource to help understand AAC devices and their role in fostering communication and independence. A new feature of USSAAC is the AAC Speaker Connection. This initiative will allow you to invite AAC users to your school and community organizations and demonstrate how they use AAC in their daily lives. USSAAC is looking for more AAC users to become speakers. Just register at:

Assistive Technology Overview

An excellent Assistive Technology overview from, a non-profit dedicated to serving families of kids who learn and think differently. Many of the concepts can be applied to the use of AT by teens and adults. Besides AT, the main site,, has many suggestions for overcoming learning and behavioral challenges.

Assistive Technology & Accessible Educational Materials Center

FREE trainings on various subjects including AT Basics, the AT Assessment Process, Apps, Software and Hardware and AT Implementation

Get to Know the Health App on you iPhone

Quick video that highlights the features of the free Health App on the iPhone.
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Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Department of Developmental Services provided seed funding for this project.


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