Telling Your Story

Supporting Families & Caregivers

Across A Lifespan

Caring for a family member with developmental disabilities is no easy task!  Managing daily care, tending to family needs, balancing work and home life can take endless hours!   It is no surprise that so many caregivers are exhausted!

So why should you make advocacy a priority?

  • Government programs/services are changing much quicker than in the past.
  • Finding staff to assist in your home and in other settings is difficult at best
  • Our Legislators are elected to listen to their constituents and support their issues
  • Sharing your story is the single most effective advocacy tool
  • Family caregivers are the largest direct support provider in Massachusetts
  • Your family members deserve BETTER!

Please use the template below to share your story and the issues that affect your family the most.  The Arc’s Advocacy Alliance Coordinators will be in touch to support your efforts.

Please let us know about your needs and where you need help:

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