The Arc Champions Veto Overrides

legislatureThe MA legislature held late July Saturday and Sunday sessions to complete end of year work on various bills and take votes to override vetoes that Governor Baker included when he signed the FY’17 budget in June.   We had great luck with the House and Senate overturning the six vetoes we requested.

They were:

  1. 5920-5000 Turning 22 (DDS) —Restore $500,000 to address rising student numbers –
  2. 4512-0500 Dental Health Services (DPH) — Restore “provided, that not less than $1,745,525 shall be expended for the comprehensive dental program for adults with developmental disabilities
  3. 4510-0710 Health Care Quality (DPH) – restore earmark and $50,000 for Operation House Call
  4. 5920-3025 Aging with Developmental Disabilities – restore $150,000
  5. 7009-9600 Inclusive Concurrent Enrolment (Exec. Office of Education) – restore $250,000
  6. 4403-2000 Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children Grant Pmt (TA) – restore language requiring benefits calculation as in previous fiscal year

We appreciate the strong support given by both the House and the Senate to restore funding that will have a positive impact on those we serve. In addition, we thank all who reached out to their Representatives and Senators encouraging them to restore the funding for these priorities.  The Arc enjoys a long history of good relations with the legislature; which is based on working closely with individual members and the leadership of both chambers.  Long before bills get to the voting stage, members of The Arc team have reached out outlining our important issues.  Those positive relationships make it easier for us when advocating with legislators.  Most are familiar with The Arc in their respective districts across the state and many ask us how they can support our work and effort.  The Arc is a reflection of the dedication and hard work of our eighteen chapters across the state.

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