The Arc of Massachusetts Releases Conference Committee Requests

With the Senate budget deliberations finished up, The Arc has prepared our Conference Committee requests for our final advocacy push in the budget cycle. Here is a quick summary of our request to the chairs of Ways and Means and the other Conference Committee members.

We ask for their support for DDS funding as reflected below.

1. $3.5 million (House) in Family Support and Respite: DDS Line item 5920-3000
Although 12,000 served, many receive minimal funding, while another 8,000 unserved.

2. $3.4 million (House) in Community Day and Employment: DDS Line item 5920-2025
895 served but not getting enough hours, 300 are not getting employment services and funding is needed to addressing changing needs, staffing ratios due to transition from sheltered workshops, and, compliance with Olmstead and CMS regulations.

3. $2.5 million (House) in Autism Omnibus: DDS Line Item 5920-3020
Turning-22 is being addressed, but other individuals with autism who are older are not yet receiving funding. We request an additional $2.5 million for the over 500 individuals not currently served.

4. $100,000 (Senate) for Aging with Developmental Disabilities: DDS Line Item 5920-3025
Thousands of individuals with DD are over the age of 40 and need more assistance.

Any questions? Contact Maura at and stay tuned for an action alert with a template letter coming this week.

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