The Arc Supports These Amendments for House Debate

As reported, House Ways and Means delivered an excellent budget for our community. We thank Chair of Ways and Means Aaron Michlewitz and members. We also thank Vice Chair Denise Galick and Asst. Vice Chair Liz Malia, supportive House members, along with Speaker Bob DeLeo for his guidance.

The Arc does support three amendments for House debate which focus no access and inclusion:  Day/Employment, Autism Omnibus (adults with DD), and Adult foster or family care.  You can phone your representative (house members only) to ask for their support during house debate and for democrats to raise the amendments during caucus.  Remember to thank them too even if you already have for the Ways and Means Blueprint!

  1. Representative Gerry Cassidy filed amendment #941 for DDS day/employment  (line item 5920-2025) by striking out the figures “$236,263,699” and inserting in place thereof the figures “$239,513,699”. The additional $3.25 million will address the changing needs of the population, as well as staff ratios.
  2. Representative Michael Day filed amendment #936 for DDS Autism Omnibus (line item 5920-3020 by striking out the figures “$27,452,968” and inserting in place thereof the figures “$30,752,968”)This 3.3 million will serve 100’s waiting for supports to avoid isolation and unemployment
  3. Representative Farley-Bouvier filed Amendment #651, which is termed, “Ensuring the Sustainability of the Adult Foster Care Program.”  AFC funding for provider implementation of the program (staffing, meeting regulatory responsibilities, training, etc.) was reduced by 10% in 2017 by MassHealth.  The legislature responded by restoring 20% of this reduction.  In the meantime, caseloads have increased an average of 25%.  This amendment will require a plan to address program sustainability.

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