#TheArcVotes Team

#TheArcVotes Team
Last revised: June 12, 2018

Julie Heffernan (Lehigh University BA; Boston College MAT, MA) was an English teacher and adjunct professor for over twenty-five years. Last fall, she joined The Arc of MA as an Advocacy Alliance Coordinator. In this position, she encourages families to use their personal stories as tools for change. Always politically active, she became more so with the birth of her son Brian twenty-seven years ago; given that people with disabilities make up 20% of our population, she believes that it is crucial that candidates and politicians are well-versed on disability issues. For many years, Julie served on the boards of the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress and Understanding Our Differences. In 2002, she and her husband Dan were co-recipients of The Allen C. Crocker Award of Excellence “in recognition of their commitment to advocacy and public awareness of the strengths and abilities of citizens with Down syndrome.”

                                              Contact Julie: heffernan@arcmass.org

Katerina Daley received her Bachelor of Arts (’16) and Master of Arts (’17) from Brandeis University. She joined The Arc of Massachusetts team in October 2017 as the Development and Digital Media Associate. She is responsible for all digital communications for The Arc, maintaining its web presence across ten social platforms. She has been an advocate since she was in first grade, when her mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She has cultivated a background of working with people with various kinds of disabilities, ranging from deaf-blindness to learning disabilities. She believes that civic engagement is a right for all people of all abilities and is committed to ensuring that all voices are heard.

                                              Contact Katerina: daley@arcmass.org

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