The Arc of Massachusetts Workforce Initiative

The Arc of Massachusetts has committed to make the “Workforce” initiative a top priority in partnership with other stakeholders and we will be recommending a long-term solution to the administration and legislature.  We will continue to work on other policy areas but believe that a viable workforce is fundamental to all our issues.

Our recommendations include the following.

Strategy 1:  The Workforce requires a significant investment over three years to achieve market-based compensation (salary & benefits) of direct support staff or professional (DSP), behavioral technicians, front-line managers, and other roles including clinicians and non-traditional support such as companions.  The funding should address the entire purchase of service (POS) system administered by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS), as well as certain MassHealth programs.

Strategy 2: Innovation and System Design Improvements are recommended which will better address the quality of life of our constituents and further cost-effective strategies. These include a focus on “Supporting Individuals and Families First,” which address outmoded services, implement technology more effectively, and review regulatory processes.

Strategy 3:  Increase the availability of clinical consultation to families, providers, and health care practitioners, including the needs of those with complex behavioral or/and medical conditions.

Strategy 4:  Develop systemic solutions to enhance human capital, including rates for recruitment, training, and retention.  Ensure accountability for staff training and development.

The Arc will work to engage the administration and the legislature on this fundamental need.  This is a historical issue we hope can be effectively resolved in the present day.

Be sure to check back as we will be frequently updating this page with more information.

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