Operation House Call

Program Description

Operation House Call (OHC) teaches young medical professionals essential skills to enhance the health care of persons with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. Offered by The Arc of Massachusetts, OHC turns to families, parents and individual self-advocates as educators in a health care field that seldom focuses on more than making a diagnosis. It is a rare and important training opportunity. Through OHC, students begin to build confidence and interest in working with individuals with I/DD and their families.

At the Boston University School of Medicine OHC is a requirement for all third year medical students in their pediatric rotation; it has been a popular and valued course since 1991, initiated by two professors of medicine, including a pediatric neurologist whose brother has autism. In 2011, The Arc of Mass began OHC at Tufts Medical School and the Simmons School of Health Sciences. In the Fall of 2015, OHC began a program at Yale School of Nursing.

CoteacherThe Arc is grateful to our network of volunteer families. They provide the opportunity for students to have experiential learning through home visits. In Massachusetts, OHC now has 220 (and growing) volunteer families teaching over 600 medical professionals every year. OHC is expanding geographically and The Arc is working on legislation to support the need for this important work with our medical community.

A Boston University School of Medicine, 3rd year Pediatrics student, reflects on her home visit experience:
“Such a dedicated and compassionate family like this deserves an equally dedicated team of physicians to do everything possible”

A Yale School of Nursing 2017 practitioner student writes:
“…thank you very much for making OHC available to us at YSN. It was one of my favorite and one of the most valuable experiences of my (academic) year.”  

Dr. Brian Skotko on Operation House Call

Dr. Brian Skotko, Director of the Down Syndrome Program at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), sat down with The Arc of Massachusetts to discuss his work at MGH, his thoughts on our program Operation House Call, and his hopes for the future of medical care for people with I/DD.Learn more about Operation House Call (OHC) at arcmass.org/ohc.

Posted by The Arc of Massachusetts on Tuesday, October 30, 2018

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