Government Affairs Committee

Government Affairs Mission

The Arc of Massachusetts Government Affairs Team supports The Arc’s mission by advocating for legislation and other governmental policies and practices on a state and federal level to assure a full array of quality services and supports and the protection of human rights of persons who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD), including autism.



All interested individuals are welcome to join our Government Affairs Committee. Each chapter of The Arc is asked to send a representative. We also encourage human service agencies, other organizations and individuals to participate. Please contact Charlie Fiske for more information on joining the Committee.

Meeting Schedule

Zoom Meetings take place on the first Monday of the month from 10:00am to 11:30am. View The Arc’s events calendar for more information and important dates.

Government Affairs Committee

  • Promote advocacy to state and federal legislators on behalf of individuals with IDD and autism and their families;
  • Develop strategies which attempt to affect the legislative process and regulatory entities;
  • Work toward appropriate funding and availability of all necessary supports and services for our constituents, particularly through the state budget;
  • Promote the advancement of human rights for all;
  • Provide input or recommendations regarding legislative priorities and platform in writing to The Arc Mass Board Steering Committee for consideration.
  • Select priority issues each year;
  • Select supported issues each year;
  • Maintain and expand list of statewide legislative contacts to provide means for promoting the Committee’s agenda with elected officials;
  • Advocate for changes in services to increase consumer driven supports;
  • Be knowledgeable about and respond in concert with The Arc, when appropriate, to federal governmental issues;
  • Expand the GA Committee, encouraging chapters of The Arc to send a representative.
  • Develop strategies and material to influence legislators;
  • Organize visits to the State House;
  • Visit chapters of The Arcs to encourage their participation in legislative advocacy;
  • Insure that all important information about legislation, state budgets, plans and policy changes of the administration, DDS and other state agencies is discussed, evaluated and shared with The Arc Mass Board of Directors, chapters of The Arcs, human service providers and interested members of the public
  • Plan and participate with the Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council in the Annual Legislative Reception;
  • Sponsor bills when needed.
  • Offer regional advocacy training sessions
  • Annually the Government Affairs Committee will host a special meeting with the Board to discuss policy priorities and past accomplishment and invite chapters, human services sponsors, state partners and other interested parties to attend.