Policy Issues

Policy Issues

Policy issues cover changes within government at state or regional levels which impact the ways services are delivered or rights are enforced. MassHealth covers several important community living services in addition to health care. Changes in regulations, internal policies or guidance may have consequences for your services or supports. The Department of Developmental Services similarly develops or changes regulations and policies from time to time. We also may post activities of The Arc that relate to changing the behavior of the bureaucracy. The federal government may have changes that we track more closely and reference our national office which is vigilant on advocacy on Capitol Hill. This index will change over time based on what is active.

American Health Care Act & Medicaid Cuts Home and Community Policy Rule and Transition Plan / The Arc Testimony
MassHealth Restructuring

The Arc Response

Meeting the Challenge of the Community Imperative – DDS

DDS Social Inclusion Position Paper

Olmstead Massachusetts Self-Determination & Self-Direction
Implementing a 21st Century Disability Policy Recommendations on AFC Eligibility

Please visit this page from time to time. To track federal issues, please go here.

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