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Our Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a significant deficit of workers providing in-home and community-based services. This has also led to issues of health equity, employment barriers, and insufficient inclusive education. Even today, access to essential services has been severely impacted, leading to isolation, caregiver stress, and limited community engagement opportunities.

Unified Approach

“Bridge to Brighter Futures” is a collaborative initiative between four trusted human service agencies. Our collaborative goal is to provide holistic support to individuals with IDD and their families, addressing the challenges they face.

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What We Offer

Reduced Isolation

We focus on creating connections that foster a sense of belonging and reduce isolation.

Community Engagement

Our program increases opportunities for individuals to engage with their community, building meaningful relationships.

Caregiver Support

We understand the challenges caregivers face and offer resources to alleviate stress.

Family Training

Empowering families with the knowledge and tools to support their loved ones effectively.

Comprehensive Process


Reaching out to those in need through newsletters, community partners, and state agencies.


Individual assessments to determine specific goals.


Tailored support, including support groups, individual goal attainment, family training, and case management.

Congresswoman Trahan and her office secured funding for individuals with disabilities and their families who are still facing challenges caused by the post-COVID impact on the workforce. This additional support provides relief to those who need it most.

We want to reach anyone in the district who continues to be unserved or underserved through a collaboration of four organizations. We will provide one of three levels of assistance depending on the number of people to whom we need to respond.

Providing Support and Referrals for Individuals in Need of Assistance

The program team will provide one of three levels of assistance depending on the screening and availability of funds.

Locations We Serve

Explore Your Eligibility

Initiate the process by scanning the QR code to request a pre-screen.

The Bridge team aims to ensure that anyone who receives outreach will be provided with an acknowledged referral if necessary. For those who are outside of the third congressional district and unable to receive our assistance, we will facilitate a referral to The Arc of Massachusetts who will connect you to a nearby Department of Developmental Services regional office and their local family support center.

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