Purchase 2021 Transition Conference Recordings

In November 2021, The Arc of Massachusetts hosted the virtual version of our 2021 Transition Conference. The conference consisted of 17 live sessions covering important topics relating to Turning 22 and the Charting the LifeCourse framework and tools. Attendees of the conference were able to take part in the sessions live, while also receiving access to the recordings of the sessions until May 31, 2022.

Did you miss out on the conference? It’s not too late to get access to these recordings. By completing a purchase with the form below, all 17 recordings will be yours until May 31, 2022 for a one-time charge of $50 – the same price attendees paid for the conference.

You can view a full program book with handouts and descriptions of all sessions here.

The topics of the 17 sessions are as follows:

  • Charting the LifeCourse: What You Need To Know Before You Begin
  • Developing and Utilizing Self-Determination Skills
  • Future Planning for Spanish Caregivers: It’s Possible and Necessary Part 1
  • DDS 101: What You Should Know About DDS As The Transition From High School To Life After High School Approaches
  • Voice and Choice: Important Discussions Around Legal Decision Making
  • Reframing Your Role: What Parents Need To Know About Their Own Adult’s Transition
  • Legacy Planning: A New Way Of Thinking About Special Needs Planning
  • Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission: An Overview Of Services For Students And Adults
  • Transition From School to Adult Life: Using the IEP to Create Success
  • Pathways to Friendship
  • Future Planning for Spanish Caregivers: It’s Possible and Necessary Part 2
  • If I Only Knew Then What I Knew Now: Talking Transitions with Self-Advocates
  • Supporting Young Adults with Mental Health
  • Individual Support Services: Living Independently Starts with Personalized Interdependence
  • Let’s Talk About the Money: Financial Planning Strategies, Tips, & Tools
  • Raising Expectations for Better Futures
  • Thinking About Housing