2024 Transition Conference: Workshops

Session One Workshop Locations

  • Navigating College: Wellness 201
  • Navigating Transition to Adult Healthcare: Wellness 204
  • Personal Advocacy: The Rubber Hits the Road: Wellness 212
  • Supported Decision-Making: Making It Work: Sullivan 126
  • Transition to Adulthood: What I Wish I Knew: Competition Gym
  • Transitioning into Independence: Multi-Use Gym

Session Two Workshop Locations

  • An Overview of the Department of Developmental Services: Competition Gym
  • An Overview of the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission: Wellness 204 and 201
  • Parents’ Guide to Planning for Your Transition Age Child: Multi-Use Gym
  • Socialize and Thrive: Friendship Matters: Wellness 212
  • Assistive Technology: Sullivan 125

Session Three Workshop Locations

  • Building Capacity and Opportunity for Self-Determination: Wellness 201
  • Pathways to Friendship: Multi-Use Gym
  • Special Needs Financial Planning: Wellness 204
  • The Adult Service System: Why Your Advocacy Is Needed Today: Sullivan 126
  • The New IEP and How to Make IEP Visions a Reality: Wellness 212
  • Thinking about Housing: Competition Gym

Workshop Presenter Bios


Workshop Slides

Access to the slides will be shared with all attendees via a password protected webpage.
Stay tuned for more information via email after the conference.