Korey’s Story

Korey’s Planning Meeting

Facilitated by Emily Berheide

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in July we gathered at the Foley’s home. Korey invited people who were important to him and had impacted his life. Twenty people including his aunts, grandmother, priest, family friends, teachers etc. met on the back porch of their home. Korey and his dad started out the meeting by talking about what Korey wanted for his adult life.

Some of Korey’s goals were: to help other people, especially kids to reach their potential, find new opportunities to work and succeed, make new friends, continue to learn new things while building on the skills he already gained at the Kennedy Day School. Next I invited the guests to share how Korey had touched their lives. Both of his Aunts spoke about how Korey’s presence in their family had taught their own children so much about diversity and the beauty of difference. Their kids had the opportunity to grow up having it be normal for a child to use a wheelchair for mobility and valuing the many forms communication can take way beyond words. The Priests and Sisters from his church spoke about his connection with God and his real understanding of love and acceptance. Others spoke about how in tune Korey is with people. For example, Korey chose the most appropriate music for to soothe his family member when they were in need of support. Korey loves music and DJing. He loves contributing to others and knows he has a lot to offer.

Next we had a brainstorming session to think about where Korey’s talents were needed in the community. Many beautiful ideas came from this such as visiting elderly in nursing homes, being an inspirational speaker in the schools and for other kids who have had physical challenges, being a DJ for school dances or parties, helping with Religious education classes and many others.

Then the guests went to work on thinking about who they knew in their communities and who they could contact to explore job and volunteer opportunities for Korey. Korey ended the meeting by thanking everyone for coming. Many people commented about how uplifting the experience of being part of this event was for them. Korey’s mom said the meeting gave Korey a real confidence in his future. Now Korey has a network of people to continue to help him make connections to find the right job/s for him. Korey is planning to send e-mails to update his team of supporters on his progress.

Korey's Planning Session

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