Mother’s Day 2019

Did you know? Mothers are the leading group of caregivers of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Honor the moms in your life.

Kathleen is a mother.
She has three children, including Liam, who has complex medical needs. To outsiders, she knows things may look easier than they really are. But most of her days are spent tending to her son's most intimate care, including feeding, brushing teeth, cleaning, and more. While she works part-time in family advocacy roles, including at The Arc, her schedule revolves around ensuring her son is cared for.

Ronia is a mother. She and her husband are the primary caregivers to their son, who has complex medical needs, and requires full time personal care, including feedings and hygiene. Ronia and her husband are both accomplished professionals in their fields, but they still worry every day about ensuring their son has adequate access to healthcare and the supports and services he needs to live a full life.

Rebecca is a mother. She is raising three children, including one with severe autism. Her son doesn't sleep through the night, and he engages in aggressive behavior, particularly against his siblings. He has aggressed to the point of requiring hospitalization. Rebecca is unable to work full-time, due to the caregiving needs her son requires. She negotiates services, communicates with doctors and schools, and works with her legal team to ensure her son has the safest, fullest life that he can.

This Mother's Day, make a gift to The Arc of Massachusetts in support of caregiving moms everywhere.

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Caregiving in the U.S. (2015) found that the prevalence of parents in the role of a caregiver was only 5%.

FINDS 2017 reported that, in the community of individuals with I/DD, the prevalence is a staggering 87%.

FINDS 2017 also found that 89% of all caregivers of individuals with I/DD were women.

The significance of the overlapping role of mothers as caregivers cannot be overlooked. 

Hear from moms within our community.

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