Pathways to Friendship: Sessions on Connecting Socially During COVID-19

In the coming months, Widening the Circle/Pathways to Friendship, a partnership program between the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) and The Arc of Massachusetts, will be offering a series of conversation opportunities on lessons that have been learned about social connection and inclusion during the age of COVID-19. Each conversation session will focus on a specific lesson learned during these times. Continue reading

Pathways to Friendship: Forging Friendships At School In A Virtual World

Widening the Circle/Pathways to Friendship, a partner initiative between The Arc of Massachusetts and the Department of Developmental Services, has been adjusting to the changing world we live in as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Program Lead Jim Ross discusses Pathways’ new approach to facilitating friendships for school age children below and requests your input. Continue reading

Pathways to Friendship: Keeping Your Focus on Friendships Despite the Workforce Crisis

The article below was prepared just days before COVID-19 deeply changed the way we all are doing our work and living our lives.  But one of the many things revealed by the pandemic is that our human service system’s workforce is in even deeper crisis than we thought and—despite many stories of strength and commitment—quite fragile, too.  But another lesson underscored by the pandemic is that relationships and friendships may be the best vaccine against the isolation and loneliness.  So always—and especially now—our workforce needs to devote attention, time and creativity to helping the people they support connect deeply with others in their communities. Continue reading