Governor Baker Signs Supplemental Budget with ARPA Funds Heading to the Disability Community

The Arc is grateful for the “almost” final approval of funding from the legislature and the Governor. Baker’s veto and amendments (H 4289) to the Legislature’s $4 billion American Rescue Plan Act spending bill (H 4269) landed in the House on Thursday morning where lawmakers quickly shipped them off to the Committees on Ways and Means and Bills in Third Reading, respectively. Continue reading

Government Affairs: Supplemental Budget with American Rescue Plan Act Relief Funds Set to Pass

Massachusetts State House

Yesterday, the House and Senate agreed to a compromise conference report on the supplemental budget which includes significant relief funds for our and other constituencies. Speaker Ronald Mariano and Senate President Karen Spilka said the House will take up the compromise bill today, Thursday, December 2 with the Senate planning to follow suit tomorrow. We trust that no member blocks the passage of this budget bill during this critical time. Continue reading

Leo’s Letter: 30 Years On: Learning From History To Address The Current Service Crisis

I’m lucky. Even during COVID and after thirty years, I so appreciate serving at The Arc of Massachusetts, due to our significant mission, and the wonderful colleagues throughout the decades. I gratefully nod at the staff and volunteers who welcomed me in those early days, and although I’ll mention just a few, they represent many. Continue reading

Leo’s Letter: Recommendations on Addressing Assistance Needs for Adults and Turning 22

Last week, I noted that an estimated 5,000 individuals who typically receive community day supports (who either already received them or recently turned 22 years old) have not been able to obtain adequate assistance. This is not due to funding but to the lack of workers. We continue our efforts at information gathering and sharing recommendations this week and next Monday. More information follows. Continue reading

Updates On Massachusetts American Rescue Plan Act Spending, The Arc’s Priority Bills

Last week, the House of Representatives passed a $3.82 billion bill to spend about half of the state’s American Rescue Plan Act funds. This week, the Senate will debate its own version. They aim to deliver a bill to Governor Charlie Baker’s desk by next week before the Legislature takes a recess. Continue reading