Insider’s View: Representative Kimberly N. Ferguson

I was first elected to the 1st Worcester District in November 2010. The district is located about 60 miles west of Boston and includes the towns of Holden, Rutland, Paxton, Princeton, and sections of Sterling and Westminster. As a licensed speech/language pathologist, who has worked with children and adults with special needs and their families, I have a great understanding of the challenges individuals face in the course of their daily lives. That experience has served me well as a member of the Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities, as well as a member of the Education Committee and the Rules Committee.  It is an honor and privilege to bring a positive message of hope and change to those in my district and across the state.

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  1. Ms. Ferguson;

    Now that marijuana outlets are open, it troubles me to learn the one in Leicester is a cash only operation. This is an open door invitation to hide the funds received through sales and cheat the state of tax revenue. Based on reports from Colorado, where cash sales were hidden in private vaults to avoid the $10,000 IRS reporting of bank deposits of that amount, I have no doubt the same thing will happen here in Massachusetts. Is there anything that can be done to deter potential marijuana sales outlet tax cheats through legislation?

    Thank you for your consideration.

    David M. Sullivan

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