Letter of Intent

The Letter of Intent is a document that you create that passes vital information about a person with a disability to future caregivers. It defines the person’s routines, preferences, contacts and vision for the future.  It is not a legal document but is often kept with other important legal papers such as a will or special needs trust.

The Arc of United States Center for Future Planning (also available in Spanish) | https://futureplanning.thearc.org/pages/learn/where-to-start/expressing-wishes-for-the-future
Northeast Arc Footprints for the Future – A Personal Planning Guide | https://ne-arc.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/footprints_for_the_future.pdf
Special Needs Financial Planning | http://info.specialneedsplanning.com/blog-1/bid/226415/A-Sample-Letter-of-Intent-for-Caregivers

Age Range
Early Childhood (0-5), School Age (4-22), Transition Age (14-26), Adulthood (18+), Aging (50+)
Future Planning