Update Post Governor’s Budget Vetoes and Legislative Hearings –Shortfalls in Budget

Massachusetts State House

On July 7, the Conference Committee lowered state budget line items– including DDS — due to the continued uncertainty of state revenues.  On July 17, Governor Charlie Baker vetoed an additional $320 million on top of the legislature’s reduction, including a cut of more than $7 million from the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) budget. The impact of these reductions means uncertainty for many people.  These decisions were also affected … Read More…

New Fact Sheet From The Arc

Medicaid logo

Although we were relieved that the Senate decided NOT to vote for the changes in Medicaid and Health care. We will face other challenges. This new fact sheet from The Arc provides more background on Medicaid as you advocate in the future.

MassHealth Reform Debate Continues

On Tuesday, the US Senate passed a bill to continue the health care debate, threatening major changes in Medicaid as attempted in the Senate earlier this year and passed in the US House.


Meanwhile on Beacon Hill, the Joint Committees on Ways and Means and Health Care Financing held a hearing on Governor Charlie Baker’s MassHealth Reform Package. Chief of Staff Kristin Lepore, Secretary of Health and Human Services … Read More…


On Monday, Governor Charlie Baker vetoed an additional $320 million from the legislature’s state budget, including a cut of more than $7 million from the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) budget. The impact of the reductions mean uncertainty for many people and this will be heightened by the continued uncertainty caused by Capitol … Read More…

The Running Game in Advocacy

In football, the running game may be slow but it’s nearly always the key ingredient to any winning strategy. In talking about Running Back LeGarrette Blount, New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick said he liked the fact that Blount has the “ability to make the yards that we need at the time we need them.”

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Update for Conference Committee budget release

Disappointing news today, July 7, 2017, as the Conference Committee released a 40.2 billion dollar budget for fiscal year 2018.  The bill reflects 600 million in adjustments to the FY 2018 budget made due to the tax revenue falling below projections as well the uncertainty of forecasted revenue. 

The Arc appreciates the minimal trimming of the line items that we have strongly advocated for, such as Turning 22 and Family … Read More…