State Budget

State Budget

Fiscal Year 2022

Massachusetts State House

Each January the Governor releases his version of the state budget for the upcoming fiscal year that begins on July 1st. Each branch of the legislature (House and Senate) in turn develops a budget on which they ultimately agree and send to the Governor for his signature prior to July 1st. The Arc tracks each step in the budget process and offers helpful comments on sections that pertain to issues affecting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Arc recommends this fact sheet to be used during the FY’2022 budget advocacy period with your representatives and senators (most active period from 2/01/2021 through 4/01/21 but the sooner the better). House and Senate members usually meet in February to share their priorities for funding (sometimes into March) with their respective Ways and Means chair). Please see the fact sheet here.

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Please note that some of these items are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader to view and download them.



Governor Charlie Baker

Governor Charlie Baker

Governor’s Budget (House One)


  1. Governor’s FY22 Budget – PDF
  2. Governor’s FY22 Budget The Arc of Massachusetts Analysis – PDF




Representative Aaron Michlewitz, House Ways & Means Chair

House Ways & Means Committee Budget


  1. The Arc of Massachusetts FY22 Budget Request Chart – PDF
  2. The Arc of Massachusetts FY22 Budget Request Narrative – PDF

Speaker Ronald Mariano

House Budget


Senator Michael Rodrigues, Senate Ways & Means Chair

Senate Ways & Means Committee Budget



Senator Karen E. Spilka, Senate President

Senate Budget


Conference Committee

Conference Committee Budget


  1. Download this document to learn more about the Conference Committee.



Final Fiscal Year 2022 Budget

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