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Leo’s Letter: Why Should You Attend State Budget Hearings?

Over a four week period, the Joint Committee on Ways and Means will hold its budget hearings. The last one is the public hearing in the State House (Gardner Auditorium) on Friday, April 2. This past Monday, we got to hear Health and Human Services (HHS) Part 1 in Needham chaired by Representative Denise Garlick (House Ways and Means vice-chair) and Senator Mike Rush. Continue reading

Widening the Circle: Workshop Held on Promoting Friendships between People with and without Disabilities

On Friday, March 8, Phoebe Goodman and Jim Ross gave a workshop entitled Widening the Circle: Pathways to Friendship at the Lexington Community Center. Twenty-one residential providers, SUPPORTbrokers, representatives from DDS, and Lexington residents attended the workshop, for which the basic premise was that people with friends are happier, healthier, and safer. Continue reading