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Advocates: please take action today on equal access to ABA for Adults (H184/S115) and Cueing and Supervision in the PCA program (H260/S129)!

Thank you for your advocacy last week on our healthcare bills: Operation House Call legislation passed favorably out of committee!

We will keep pushing for our other healthcare bills, but we need your action on these MassHealth bills that will shift policy and create equal access to needed services.

Please take one minute out of your day to send this letter to your Representative and Senator and ask them to support the following bills that will:

  1. require MassHealth to cover medically necessary Applied Behavior Analysis services for adults with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities, and
  2. will include cueing and prompting as a covered service for those who need it.

Our priority bills have less than a month left to pass out of committee. Please reach out personally to your Representative and Senator’s office as well, if possible.

If you have questions on these bills, please e-mail Maura at

Thank you and stay well!

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  • Lisa Thompson says:

    My 26 year old son with autism is in dire need of adult ABA support. His need for intensive ABA did not end upon turning 22 and leaving his very restrictive educational placement at a Chapter 766 autism school. The ongoing Covid pandemic has utterly devastated him and his coping abilities, and the resulting negative behaviors will become permanent without access to adult ABA therapy.

  • Therese Oliver says:

    Thanks Nan! Very Important Bill!

  • Mary Jo Keaney says:

    I am a retired Massachusetts educator who owns real estate in Boston and lives half the year tgere. Presently, I am a Florida resident since I relocated here to care for my ill and elderly parents. I believe strongly that ABA services must be covered for developmentally delayed individuals.

  • My son benefitted greatly from his ABA services, very important!

  • Ben Brea says:

    My brother needs ABA services. Important this gets passed.

  • Ann says:

    Prompting and cueing by PCAs can make a life changing difference by helping people practice doing things correctly, This helps to build independent living skills, self-esteem and confidence. So, so important!

  • Philip Campbell says:

    As a retired educator and a retired adult services professional I have seen how important ABA services are to both children and adults.

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