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Dear Advocates,

Thank you for the great response to our workforce legislation Action Alert! We had over 500 letters sent to lawmakers.

A significant number of Representatives and Senators have now cosponsored our three new priority bills relative to the workforce crisis.

We can’t slow down now, so please also take action for our community training bills.

The Action Alert will take you just 2 minutes to complete. These bills include training in our hospitals, our medical schools, and our state and local police as well as corrections officers.

First responders and other healthcare providers need access to high quality, mandated trainings in order to learn the best ways to interact and provide care for people with autism and IDD.

You can see the full language of each bill, the bill sponsors, and the docket numbers here:

If you have any questions regarding these bills, please reach out to Maura Sullivan, Senior Director of Government Affairs and Health Policy, at

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Community Training Priorities

Hospital Training to Enhance Healthcare for People with Autism and IDD
An Act to enhance hospital care for those with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities
HD2229 SD973
Representatives Sean Garballey and Ryan Hamilton, Senator Jason Lewis
This bill will enhance hospital care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including autism through training, standards of care and certification requirements.

Operation House Call
An Act improving health care for patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities including autism
HD1490 SD966
Representative John Lawn, Senator Jason Lewis
This bill will improve healthcare for patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities including autism through training and certification, modeled after The Arc’s Operation House Call.

Autism Police Training Expansion
An Act relative to police interactions with persons on the autism spectrum
HD688 SD1904
Representative Kay Khan, Senator Mike Moore
An act relative to police training in appropriate interactions with persons on the autism spectrum and other intellectual and developmental disabilities, expanding on the mandated cadet training to include veteran officers and correctional officers through in-service training.

Supporting Autistic Drivers through the Blue Envelope Program
An Act facilitating better interactions between police officers and persons with autism spectrum disorder
HD689 SD267
Representatives Kay Khan and Mindy Domb, Senator Jo Comerford
This bill will facilitate understanding and better communication between law enforcement and autistic drivers. Autistic drivers can voluntarily request a blue envelope, which attaches to the car’s visor. The envelope would hold the driver’s license, registration, etc., as well as specific instructions for the police officer on the driver’s diagnosis, impairments, triggers, and contact information.

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