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The 193rd legislative session is approaching a critical stage where we need your help advocating for a bill to protect from harm some of our most vulnerable disabled persons. 

House Bill 4393 “An Act updating terminology and investigative practices related to the protection of persons with disabilities” includes an important expansion of Nicky’s Law. 

Since Nicky’s Law passed, the abuser registry has been working as intended, fostering collaboration between agencies to protect persons with disabilities, and now it’s time to expand its reach.

MassHealth Day Habilitation “Day Habs” are currently not required to check the abusers registry before hiring someone.

Nicky’s Law enactment established a registry of care providers who have been found to have abused clients with intellectual or developmental disabilities.  The Disabled Person’s Protection Commission (DPPC) maintains the registry which allows employers to screen job applicants to ensure abusers don’t move from job to job.  Expansion would strengthen DPPC’s operations as it would fully incorporate the abuser registry throughout the DDS system.

DPPC is an independent state agency responsible for the investigation and remediation of instances of abuse committed against adults with disabilities.

Expansion of this registry gives more nonverbal disabled persons a voice and acts as a protection for those who are most vulnerable.

Here are some important statements to include in your action alert to the HW&M committee:

  • There have been over 50,000 searches on the abuser registry
  • DPPC has the capacity to expand the process
  • Makes DPPC more efficient, while adding no appropriations
  • Over 8,000 clients receive Day Hab services
  • DPPC is advocating for a ramp up of implementation
  • By law, the DPPC Abuser Registry can only be accessed by DDS or Employers who are funded by, contract with, or are licensed by DDS

During committee review, Nicky’s Law and DPPC Terminology bills were combined to be one powerful bill to expand, strength and update the abuser registry and the language associated with the DPPC.  Primary Sponsors are Representative Sean Garballey, and Senators Mike Moore and Senator Keenan.

Our combined advocacy today will help protect those who need protection most!

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  • Dawn Murdock-Jacobs says:

    I feel any person who has a disability physical or mental should be protected from abuse and caregivers need to be screened and held accountable .

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