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It is time to take action with your lawmakers!  Please use our action alert to contact your Representative and Senator and ask them to support The Arc’s FY24 State Budget Ask.

March 2023 marks the start of the 36th month since the announcement of the state of emergency. At that time, thousands of persons with disabilities lost access to day programs or related services. Many of those have not been able to return to day services.

Over 3,000 have turned 22 years of age, with the FY24 transition age class of graduates being the highest in history. Individuals with complex medical or behavioral conditions or otherwise requiring 1:1 assistance are the largest underserved or unserved group. These are individuals who need it the most, and the isolation, along with caregiver stress, is profound.

  1. We ask that the legislature increase the Chapter 257 reserve to raise workforce salaries to be consistent with the bureau of labor statistics at a minimum of the 75th percentile of positions in the commonwealth which have job codes of similar responsibilities.
  2. Maintain $200 million investment in MassHealth for day programs (Day Habilitation/Day Health).
  3. Increase DDS Employment/Day by $5.6 million of A rate funding to serve 450 adults who need 1:1 services.
  4. Maintain Governor Healey’s budget request.
  5. Cosponsor and prioritize S.83 & H.171, An Act relative to rates and impacting workers providing supports and services at DDS and MassHealth Day Hab (Finegold, Garballey & Cataldo).
  6. Continue & implement the FY23 language “Bridge to the Future” in 5920-2025

Please follow up with your legislators to ensure that they act on this request and support our budget priorities.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Maura Sullivan at

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Take Action Here

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