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Dear Advocates,

Representative Carmine Gentile has filed an amendment to require that regulations for self-direction options at the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) are written within 90 days, consistent with the law’s language (Real Lives Law-Chapter 255 of the Acts of 2014).

Further, the amendment adds specific language to avoid arbitrary limits on self-direction budgets, allowing the purchase of services, supports, or goods which can be reasonably covered in the participant’s individual budget. The amendment addresses the appeals process to ensure consistency with existing appeal timelines established for individual support plans. A previous draft of the DDS regulations was not consistent with the law.

Please use this action alert to write to your Representative and ask them to cosponsor Amendment #589, Self-Directed Services. Please share with your network.

Reach out to Maura Sullivan, Senior Director of Government Affairs and Health Policy, at for any questions.

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