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Eighteen months have passed since Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker issued a state of emergency on March 10, 2020 due to the COVID pandemic.

We saw positive new cases total in the thousands daily in the late fall and winter. New case numbers began to decline in March 2021, and, between June 7 and July 8 of this year, positive daily reports totaled less than 100 new cases.

In July, we witnessed occasional daily spikes above 1,000 new cases. In August, such daily reports were the norm and four days had reports above 2,000 cases.

Given the variants’ impact and the FDA full approval of the Pfizer vaccine, The Arc has released a new COVID position. It focuses on infection control, mandated vaccinations, the workforce, and funding all the costs of the new procedures. Those not vaccinated tend to become more ill.

You can read the statement here. We appreciate the efforts of the Commonwealth and providers in combatting this virus. But additional funding directed at the crisis is needed.

The Arc will release a more specific short-term request on funding to address the crisis in the next several days. Our team also is developing a future-oriented plan for our constituents that addresses the workforce and advocates for more flexible supports for individuals and families.

The new normal continues and we all need to work together to respond.

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