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As you know, Operation House Call (OHC) became law last year, but now we need funding to be codified as well. OHC does important work across all medical schools and two graduate nursing schools in Massachusetts, training future doctors and nurses and soon dentists on the best practices for treating patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and autism.

OHC training addresses health disparities, access, and equity for people with disabilities in Massachusetts. The program is nationally recognized and was recently highlighted in The Nation’s Health, a publication of the American Public Health Association.

Additionally, Advocates for Autism of Massachusetts (AFAM) needs help in raising the call for an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) training amendment.  This ABA amendment will pilot a training program to provide ABA training for the Massachusetts workforce that requires more skills and competencies to serve persons with complex behavioral challenges. This will be a step in the right direction in helping to get a workforce the training it rightly deserves.  A strengthened workforce is the only way to close the gap on those who are unserved and/or underserved.

Thank you all for your contributions to shaping the 193rd Legislative Session for Massachusetts. Together, our advocacy makes a difference every day.

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