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I was elected to the legislature in 2008 and I proudly represent the Eighth MIiddlesex District including the towns of Holliston, Hopkinton, Southborough and one precinct in Westborough. I am certainly aware of the great strides we have made in our efforts to provide services for people who are involved with the Department of Developmental Disabilities. Yet we always need to be assured that treatment remains person centered. This year again I filed legislation (Operation House Call) that would require medical professionals to complete training to address the needs of individuals with intellectual and development disabilities. Training would be required for physicians, physician assistants, nurses, dietitians, and dental professionals as well as mental health and human service professionals. Every individual deserves the opportunity to reach his or her own full potential and I believe this bill would ensure that those with intellectual and developmental disabilities receive the specialized treatment they need to succeed. I would encourage your support this year as the legislature reviews the many bills that were filed.

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  • Marjorie Cohen says:

    As a parent of a woman with Cerebral Palsy, with total care needs, and an advocate for 37 years, the chair of the Worcester Area CAB and on the Governor’s Commission for Persons with Intellectual advisability,irises, I have been aware for many years that you have been a strong supporter and advocate for our families. Thank you for your support and understanding of the needs of our special individuals and our families.

  • Marjorie Cohen says:

    Correction, Governor’s Commission on Persons with Intellectual Disabilities. Thank you. Marjorie

  • Jeanne Clapper says:

    As a constituent of Rep. Dykema’s and also as the parent of a young adult woman with ID/DD; I echo Marjorie’s comment that she is sensitive and responsive to assisting families such as ours. I have visited her in her office at the state house with other constituents as well as in our homes and community. She is always willing to listen to our challenges and work toward thoughtful, financially responsible, effective solutions. Thank you for your continued support for our family!

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