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odayMy district, the 14th Worcester, includes the town of West Boylston and a number of wards and precincts in the City of Worcester. Currently I am the Chair, Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government. The committee oversees a vast range of issues related to municipalities and county entities. As a social worker for more than 24 years before running for public office I am keenly aware of the challenges families face when one of their members has an intellectual or developmental disability. Over the years I have worked closely with The Center of Hope Foundation and other service group to address the needs of individuals whom they are involved with. We have made great strides to address the needs of our most vulnerable population yet there is much more we can do. Together our ability to care for those in need is a goal that benefits everyone.

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  • Marjorie Cohen says:

    As a parent of a woman who was born with Cerebral Palsy and an advocate for her and hundreds of others like her,my husband and I thank you for your support and attention to their needs and the funding that provide her with a meaningful and fulfilling lifestyle.
    The Cohen Family of Worcester

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