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My district is the Thirty First Middlesex; which includes the towns of Stoneham and Winchester. In the Legislature, I am a member of the following committees: Vice Chair – Joint Committee on the Judiciary and a member of the Committee on Personnel and Administration; Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies; Post Audit and Oversight.  As a lawyer, I have always had a strong interest in advocating for civil rights and civil liberties. The basis for that belief can be traced to my own family who taught me, from an early age, that every person is unique and special and everyone deserves equal treatment and opportunity in life.

One of the reasons I ran for office is to continue the work we do to insure that all individuals have opportunities to achieve their highest potential. This goal applies whether individual differences are social, economic, religious, gender, age or physical and/or emotional conditions. When we respect each other and advocate for the best for each other we strengthen our neighborhoods, our communities and our country. As a State Representative, I have had the wonderful privilege to meet many individuals advocating for a shared vision of society where each person is treated with respect and dignity. Our differences are not obstacles. They represent opportunities to for us to better understand how we can have a positive influence on every person we meet.

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