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I have learned so much about the unique challenges families face in caring for loved ones with developmental disabilities. The love, dedication, and effort that these families show is inspiring. I am proud when our Commonwealth’s support services are there for these families, and I share in their frustration when they encounter obstacles and call my office for help. Our society can be measured by the compassion and care we show to those who are most vulnerable, and I am committed to working with The Arc and other groups that are champions for this community in need.

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  • Dianne Glennon says:

    Senator Keenan is a great supporter of people with disabilities and their families. Students from Braintree’s Project PROVE Program intern in his office; he stops by the Project PROVE annual reunions and provides Senate citations acknowledging the PROVE Achievement awards as well as PROVE scholarships. Sen. Keenan attended an MDDC Self Advocacy Leadership series graduation at Quincy College, listened intently while each student gave their required speech, and then spoke himself, acknowledging the accomplishments of each and every one of them. He’s a great guy, who gets it.

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