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I’m the Senate President and my Senate District (Second Middlesex and Norfolk) represents seven MetroWest towns. I have fought constantly for tools, support and services for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. I have a background in social work and labor law, and I also have a deeply personal awareness of the need for these resources for our loved ones. This year, we passed several important new laws to help people with disabilities. The legislature, the Arc and other groups in Massachusetts are doing critical work to make sure everyone has access to the resources and opportunities they need to overcome challenges, realize their abilities and thrive in their communities. As we begin a new legislative session in January, I look forward to continuing the work to improve the lives of all residents across the Commonwealth.

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  • Donna Bonia says:

    Senator Spilka,
    I’m not sure if we are in your district or not, however, one area of disability services that is sorely lacking is the area of supported/supervised housing for those that don’t fall under the umbrella of developmental disabilities or traumatic brain injuries. Even though more doors have opened up for those populations, my son is among many who doesn’t fit either of those categories. There are those who have survived brain cancer (my son) where the treatment left them with a learning disability even though his I.Q. is too high for DDS, but can never live alone, and those who have survived strokes and anoxias, etc. who also need supervised or supported housing and services. They all fall through the cracks because they don’t “fit” into any of the supported categories. When you are fighting for new laws and access to resources for people with disabilities, would you please broaden your list to include those that fall between the cracks? This is not just in my district or your district, but all over the state so, to me, it is an issue that needs to recognized by all of our representatives across the state. I facilitate at two caregiver support groups via the BIAMA and this is a great concern of most of the caregiver parents who are scared for their loved ones. Thank you for “listening” and for any consideration you might be willing to give to this great need.
    Donna Bonia (an aging mom who will not be around forever to care for my son and worried about who will.)

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