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I have served as the State Senator for the Middlesex and Suffolk District since May of 2010, proudly representing the cities of Everett, Chelsea, and large sections of Boston and Cambridge. I currently serve as Chair of the Senate Committee Bills in the Third Reading as well as serve on four other committees. The Arc of Massachusetts has served as a tremendous resource to my office as we seek assistance for individual constituents as well as advice and expertise on policy issues. I have long been a supporter of The Arc of Massachusetts and will continue in my efforts to support them while they valiantly advocate on behalf of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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  • Constance Rowe says:

    Please do not cut Mass Health benefits to fund improvments for the
    I don’t feel that the disabled and poor who collect Mass Health should have their
    benefits cut. There must be other sources of funding for the MBTA.
    My son is on Mass Health and has cerebral palsy, and his father is totally disabled and on Social Security Disability. I only work part time and as a family
    Mass Health is our sole medical insurance. We rely on Mass Health programs to survive like the Personal Care Attendance (PCA) programs, so that we can keep our son home with his family.

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