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On Monday, March 28, as the welcome session in Washington D.C. is coming to an end, Leo Live will provide a glimpse of what is happening at the Disability Policy Seminar!

I like to call it Capitol Hill Week, because it’s capped off with meetings with each state’s federal delegation. In our case, we work with the Institute of Community Inclusion LEND Program (ICI/UCEDD) to organize all our state partners to meet with the 11 federal representatives and senators.

Imagine the power of 7 national organizations with common advocacy goals which are mirrored at a state level – that’s democracy in action and you should be part of it.

As the seminar is on lunch break, I’ll give you a glimpse of the schedule during Leo Live.  We’ll then review two of the priority areas – Community Living and Social Security.

We will talk about the key issues in both areas.  So join me at Leo Live on Monday or perhaps you’ll decide to instead register for the DC seminar!

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