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We continue to find various ways to message our community about the critical role of relationships in our lives. This new video allows us to reach those who primarily speak Spanish as Norma shares her message.

Thank you to the Pathways to Friendship team and help from New York’s Uly Ramos (she also has a video on our Pathways page), and of course a special thanks to Norma!

Pathways to Friendship is a collaboration between the Department of Developmental Services, The Arc, and other organizations. The team advances friendships in individuals’ communities. We know people with friendships are not only happier, but healthier.

Norma will receive the Craig Smith Self-Advocacy award at Vinfen’s virtual family celebration on October 26 at 6pm. You can register with Amy at More information here.

Please also check out this recent issue of Advocate where friendship toolkits are introduced and the value of connections is discussed.

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