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COVID’s rapid spread led to unprecedented changes that impacted everyone in Massachusetts. But I’d argue that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and autism and their families felt the fallout more than most. We saw it in health care, education, adult services and the isolation faced by individuals and families.

These years have shown us that:

  • first and foremost, our community is strong and resilient even when tested
  • the workforce shortage crisis is deeper than we could have imagined
  • technology has an essential role in meeting the needs of people with IDD, particularly in filling the gap left by a lack of support workers
  • bias – implicit and outright – is still prevalent and affecting how people with IDD are treated in all settings, most notably healthcare

During the next few months, we need to come together more than ever to affect change, the change we need. We not only need adequate funds for services but we need more flexibility in our services as the COVID and workforce impact continues.

Your advocacy with your legislators is the path to achieving that change. Join me on February 14, as I share the FY23 budget request for the legislature.

Leo Live February 14: Momentum Needed to Achieve Our Shared Goals!
Learn about the Budget and its relevance for you. Leo will walk through the budget, requests for funding and language needed to allow flexibility to reach families and individuals with needed resources.

Leo Live: Cancelled for February 21

Leo Live February 28:  Advocacy with Maura Sullivan and Ellen Taverna

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