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The people that need help the most are NOT getting it.

There are no statistics on this, but each time I talk to a program head, I hear the same thing:  “we cannot serve those who need 1:1 help. We should be able to, but we just don’t have the staff.”

No one has said otherwise in months!  Of the 22% not being served at DDS (we believe this number may be higher) and over 2000 no longer attending Day Habilitation, most are persons who need services the most – non-ambulatory and/or with medical or behavioral conditions.

These individuals don’t have services and they are isolated as well!

In the coming week, we will ask the administration to make a policy change NOW and not wait for the legislature. But in the meantime, we need you to help us ask the legislature to do what Governor Baker didn’t do – increase the Chapter 257 rate line item.   

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