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The ongoing pandemic has meant isolation 24/7 for many of our constituents and for primary caregivers.

These two quotes (names not included) from individuals from different regions tell the story of our community’s experience, multiplied by several thousand:

“One of many families in our community who has not had access to adequate respite or funds to pay for respite, access to family support services.”

“Every time I talk to him all he asks is when he can go back. He is depressed and I see a change in his outlook and personality. I have talked to a couple of staff at [the] day program that I got to know and they say they can make more money collecting unemployment than working there, which is unfortunate. Hopefully, [they] will be up and running in the future and I hope my brother will be asked back.”

It’s time to tell your story to your state legislator (Senator and Representative). You can write to your Representative here, but emails aren’t enough.

To get to our goals, we need several people to phone each legislator and personalize your situation. If you send emails, or post on social media, copy and tag us on your stories. You’ll soon see a request for your story through our social media channels, so stay tuned.

Your family matters! So many of you have struggled with managing your daily lives during COVID and the crisis in staffing.

Over the next couple of months, your legislators will be voting on budgets that will address the rates of pay for direct support staff as well as flexibility in using funding.

Your action now will make a difference!

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