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  • Bob Jones, MSW says:

    The system of care for the disabled is broken.. Covid has just put a nail in the coffin.
    I emphasize with the very difficult situation in which you find yourself. After working throughout the years on behalf of the disabled to see so much chaos unleashed must be very painful.

    Thank you for your efforts on behalf of folks like my son who is severely autistic.
    We all know that adult services have been at best inadequate so the present crisis should not come as a surprise.From 1965-1969 I was an attendant at an institution for the mentally retarded in Conneticut and witnessed the inhumane living conditions that characterized that era. While we will not retreat into that horrible time, I am growing quite anxious over my son and his peers futures.

    As the cofounder of Cape Cod Village the wonderful future we foresaw for its residents has been brought into question. My heart is breaking as I witness the results of the staffing shortage that threatens the well being of our family members.

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