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On Wednesday, April 10, the House Ways and Means Committee released their FY25 budget draft. This report from The Arc, first posted on April 10, was updated on April 11.

Thank you to Chair Aaron Michlewitz, Committee Members, and Speaker Ronald Mariano for a positive start to the House budget for our constituency. The House Ways and Means budget draft by the Ways and Means Committee includes several positive developments for individuals with disabilities, and specifically those with intellectual and developmental disabilities including autism.

  1. Supports the $390 Million Chapter 257 Reserve – an important step to address our workforce crisis. We are looking to confirm additional funds from the 2023 Economic Development Plan Reserve.
  2. PCA language to stop the proposed cuts to the PCA program through line item 4000-0300, 4000-0500, 4000-0600, and 4000-0700. Very positive development! It needs to be accepted by the Senate. Similar language in all line items, “provided further; that the personal care attendant program shall maintain the same eligibility criteria and level of services in fiscal year 2025 as were available in fiscal year 2024.”
  3. Language to allow flexibility between community line items continues so DDS can administer flexible funds for those persons who still cannot return to employment or meaningful day services.
  4. Maintains the flexibility and significant allocation in Turning 22 funds to allow for two years of graduates (FY25 and FY24) to be supported (FY24 graduates may still require services or additional transition assistance).
  5. The budget confirms $10.5 million in DESE-DDS program reflected in 7061-0012 (Education line item).

Again, we appreciate the work of Chair Michlewitz and colleagues. We look forward to reaching to Speaker Ron Mariano, Chair Michlewitz, and house members as we advocate for additional gains in the days/weeks ahead.

Stay tuned to The Arc for more updates as the budget process continues.

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