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The Dana Home Foundation of Lexington has awarded The Arc of Massachusetts funding for the coming year to help older caregivers plan for the future!

These funds will provide a Health and Education Series on the ever-changing landscape of supports and services.

The other component is to support families to complete a Letter of Intent.  This document, although not a legal document, is the recommended practice when completing estate planning for people with disabilities.

This document provides a way to document the vision for the future:  What does a good life look like for their loved ones? Who will help care or advocate for their future needs? It also contains a place to document the numerous contacts and information on state and federal benefits.  This information is essential for future caregivers.

We plan to offer this hopefully in person (if not via Zoom) as the document can be overwhelming and it is helpful to listen to others on how they are addressing these needs.

Thank you again to The Dana Home Foundation for making this work possible!

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