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Attention Advocates for Expanding Nicky’s Law/Dana’s Law!

Thank you for taking action last week on H4393. We sent over 500 letters to the legislature!

In order to prioritize this legislation in the House Ways and Means Committee, with the several hundred other bills being considered in their committee, we are asking you to take part in a Call In Day for H4393.

This Thursday, June 20, please call your State Representative’s office and ask them to speak to their leadership to prioritize this bill for passage now. On Thursday morning, we will be sharing a Phone2Action alert link with a recommended script and a guide on how to call your Representative, so we can track the number of calls received.

Once you are connected to your Representative’s office, a staff person will likely answer or you will get a voicemail. In either case, you are looking to speak or leave a message for the Legislative Director or you will speak to the person handling legislative issues. Along with the recommended talking points, feel free to add your personal story or any other information you wish to share to support this bill.

If you have any questions about the legislation, please reach out to Maura Sullivan or Leo Sarkissian at The Arc of Massachusetts at (781) 891-6270.

Thank you for your time and advocacy!

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