Bill Priorities

Bill Priorities

2017-2018 Legislative Session

The chart below lists the docket number, name, and summary of bills we support along with the lead representative or senator sponsoring the bill. We update the “status” column as more information or progress happens with the proposed bills.

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Bill Priorities 2017-2018

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Bill Summary Sponsor Status
Abuse Registry S 64/H 80 An Act to establish a registry of caretakers found to have substantiated abuse against persons with intellectual disability or developmental disability. Senator Mike Moore

Representative Linda Dean Campbell

1/23/17 Refereed to Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities – Senate & House concurred

Hearing 7/31/17

Supporting Individuals with I/DD (OHC) S 1222/ H 1954 An Act supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to establish training focused on best practices for the treatment and care of individuals with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities for medical professionals through a voluntary training and accreditation program. Senator Barbara L’Italien

Representative Carolyn Dykema

1/23/17 Referred to Joint Committee on Public Health & House concurred

Hearing 10/24/17

Housing (Accessory Apartments) S 729


Accompanied a new draft S 2131

An Act relative to accessory dwelling units. For legislation relative to the development and preservation of affordable housing for persons with disabilities and the elderly; is designed to encourage creation of long-term housing stock for people with disabilities and seniors in the form of 2 bedroom accessory apartments. Senator Barbara L’Italien 1/23/17 Referred to Joint Committee on Housing & House concurred




Dental Therapist Expansion S 1169/ H 2474 An Act Authorizing Dental Therapists to Expand Access to Oral Health. This bill would establish the position of advanced dental hygiene practitioner and require training about best practices for people with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities. The DHP will perform services as tooth extractions and fillings in settings as community centers, nursing homes and schools. The DHP would provide services for individuals who are not able to visit an office. Senator Harriette Chandler

Representatives William Pignatelli & Kate Hogan

1/23/17 Referred to Joint Committee on Public Health  –  House & Senate concurred

Hearing 9/12/17

Hospital Training – Autism S 1221/ H 3236 An Act to increase current medical providers’ knowledge about autism in order to improve the treatment individuals with autism receive in medical settings. This bill is aimed at expanding medical provider’s knowledge about autism and tasks DPH with designing a program to provide specialized training on autism for medical providers and subsequently establishing a pilot program to develop an on call “autism team”. Senator Barbara L’Italien

Representative Sean Garballey


1/23/17 Referred to Joint Committee on Public Health & House concurred

Hearing 10/24/17

Loan Repayment Program for Human Service Workers S 42/ H 116 An Act related to loan repayment program for human services workers. This bill encourages direct care workers to enter and continue working in community-based human services programs. The bill would help human service organizations recruit and retain a stronger, more qualified workforce. Senator Jennifer Flanagan

Representative Jeffrey Roy

1/23/17 Referred to the Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities – House & Senate concurred

Hearing 7/31/17

Criminal Justive Training Regarding Autism H 2276 An Act related to criminal justice training for autistic persons. This will require training of law enforcement officers and correction officers in the commonwealth in appropriate interactions with persons on the autism spectrum, and also shall develop guidelines for law enforcement response to individuals on the autism spectrum who are victims or witnesses to crime, or suspected or convicted of crime. Senator Jennifer Flanagan & Representative Kimberly Ferguson 1/23/17 Referred to Joint Committee on Judiciary & Senate concurred

6/17 Referred to Committee on Public Safety

Prompting and Cueing S 60/ H 1967 An Act Relative to Cueing and Supervision in the PCA program. This bill amends chapter 7 of the general law to allow the Personal Care Attendant Program (PCA) program to include cueing and prompting as a covered services for those eligible members who need prompting or cueing in order to perform 2 or more activities of daily living (ADL). Senator Joan Lovely

Representative James O’Day

1/23/17 Referred to the Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities – Senate & House concurred
Higher Education Opportunities for Students with I/DD S 698/H 634 An Act related to higher education for persons with autism and other intellectual or developmental disabilities. This bill allows persons with autism or I/DD to access the Commonwealth’s state colleges and universities to gain skills necessary to work and live as independently as possible as adults. Senator Barbara L’Italien

Representatives Sean Garballey & Patricia Haddad

1/23/17 Referred to Committee on Higher Education – Senate & House concurred
Supporting Transition to Adult Services(Turning 22) S 288/ H 1953 An Act to support the transition to adult services for persons with disabilities.
Expands transition (Turning 22) services and supports to students with disabilities “without adult service agency ties” (688 process). It also updates and expands the types of “habilitative services” that must be provided under the 688 process. It assigns to EOHHS the obligation to monitor and collect data on the extent to which needed 688 services are not being provided, because of shortfalls in appropriations.
Senator Barbara L’Italien

Representative Mark Cusack


1/23/17 Referred to Joint Committee on Education – House concurred



1/23/17 Referred to Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities – Senate concurred

Prevention of discrimination against adults with disabilities in family or juvenile court proceedings S 896/H845 “An Act prohibiting discrimination against adults with disabilities in family and juvenile court proceedings”… This bill prevents disability used as a sole reason to rule against a person/family on matters in juvenile and probate courts. Senator Barbara L’Italien

Representative Paul Heroux

1/23/17 Refferred to Judiciary Committee


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