This Father’s Day,

support the advocacy

and leadership of

the dads of The Arc.

“To be a father is a lifelong gift allowing you to feel the deep and special love of a parent for a child.”

“All my children are special to me; but our son James has added a dimension to my life that is hard to explain in words.

“She has taught me more about life than anyone else. She has helped me to embrace all people regardless of their abilities. She has also proven to me that all people have value and have importance in our world.

The Arc of Massachusetts was founded nearly 70 years ago by passionate parents who wanted better lives and resources for their children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The parent advocates of the past and present have included fathers like John, Gustav, Scott, Paul, and many others – fathers who have learned from their children, who have been changed by them, and who have become all the better because of the gifts their children have added to their lives.

This Father’s Day, show your support of the advocacy and leadership of the fathers of The Arc of Massachusetts with a gift in their honor.