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  • What are your individual strengths?  What things do you want to do? What things do you need help with?
  • Where do you need assistance? Home? Work? In the Community?
  • What obstacles do certain tasks present?
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Personal technology, both high tech and low-tech might provide a solution.

Our Technology Circle of Support will supply you with discovery tools and resources that will help you find the right technology to make things easier for you and your family. The information we provide on tools and resources will grow over time and never be complete, as technology is always developing and improving.


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The Arc Prepping for Assistive Technology Evaluation

Tech for More Independence at Road to Responsibility Home

Basic Apps to Get You Through Your Day: What You Already Have on Your iPhone & iPad

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ATECH Assistive Technology Training Center

ATECH Assistive Technology Training Center

ATECH is a hub of knowledge and expertise for staff training in the use and application of technology to reduce barriers and increase the independence of individuals with intellectual and developmental, physical, and cognitive disabilities.  Paid and FREE webinars resources, AT assessments and other trainings. Smart-home expertise.  
Assistive Technology Internet Modules

Assistive Technology Internet Modules

Site sponsored by several Ohio-based educational and governmental organizations. Large number of FREE AT learning modules open to individuals and caregivers from across the county.  Coursework developed and presented by several notable assistive technology professionals.  
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Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Department of Developmental Services provided seed funding for this project.


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