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[WEBINAR] Let’s Demystify Chapter 688

The primary goal of filing a Chapter 688 referral is to plan for needed adult services for students with severe disabilities. Filing a Chapter 688 referral creates documentation that students with severe disabilities will need adult services and supports. This documentation alerts Transition Agencies (e.g., the Department of Developmental Disabilities, the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, the Department of Mental Health) and the state legislature regarding the future needs of these students.

Filing a Chapter 688 referral sets in motion a two-year planning process for students whose entitlements to special education services will end when they graduate from school or turn 22 years of age. This planning results in the creation of an Individual Transition Plan (ITP) that describes how the student will connect with needed supports and services after exit from school.

Dianne Lescinskas from the Department of  Transitional Services will walk you through who is eligible and  responsible for filing a Chapter 688 referral and how it is determined which adult service agency receives the referral.


Jun 08 2022


12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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